Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation



      The Faraja Fund Foundation partners with the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  The local board of directors for Faraja School is chaired by the Assistant to the Bishop of the Northern Diocese, ELCT, Dr. Fredrick Shoo (see photo at right).  
      The Northern Diocese, headquartered in Moshi, Tanzania, long had a dream of building a primary school for children with physical disabilities; but, until the Tolmie family indicated they would consider such a project, the Diocese had no resources to pursue the dream.
     Today that partnering of dream and resources has resulted in the model school that is Faraja Primary School for Children with Physical Disabilities.
     The Faraja Fund Foundation, through donor support and organizational guidance and in partnership with the Northern Diocese-ELCT, is bringing comfort and hope to over 85 young students. 

(Right to left back row) Mr. Dave Tolmie, Chair Faraja Fund Foundation, Bishop Dr. Martin F, Shao, Dr. Fredrick Shoo, Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Dwayne Westermann, FFF Communications.  (Foreground) Don Tolmie, FFF Secretary Treasurer and Joann Tolmie, FFF Board member.


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