Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation
            Social Work Program

Faraja's students have their own dreams to become doctors, teachers, computer technicians, mechanics or to pursue other careers.  The Faraja Social Work Program works one-on-one with each student to coordinate admission and tuition for secondary school or vocational training in various centers in Tanzania that can accommodate youth with physical disabilities.  We strive to help our students obtain the advanced skills required to gain meaningful employment and live a life of self-sufficiency.

Providing a Life of Opportunity for a Child with a Physical Disability

Responsibility of : Family, Community, School, Church, Government, Donors, Individual

Some students with more severe disabilities are unable to pursue additional formal education or vocational training. Faraja helps these students with simple opportunities for self-employment such as tending a bee hive or sewing clothes.  Through hard work, even modest jobs can provide enough income to support an individual or small family.


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