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          Meet Our Dedicated Staff and Teachers

                                            Mr. Emmanuel Nguvava
Executive Director

Mr. Nguvava holds his B.A. (1976) and Masters (1989) in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam.  He served for 34 years as a teacher to vision impaired students and in several government posts including Zonal Chief Inspector of Schools and National Coordinator of School Inspectors.

He is married with four children.

Mr. Nguvava brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and began his work at Faraja Primary School in December, 2010.

Pastor Laban Kileo
Head Teacher - School Chaplain

   Pastor Kielo was awarded his Bachelor of Divinity degree at Makumira Seminary          in 1995, but prior to that taught for many years on the secondary level.  He also          served as a parish pastor for five years.  He joined Faraja Primary School as Head        Teacher and Chaplain in 2001.

    He says the greatest challenge they face at Faraja School is that so many parents         call everyday pleading for their children to attend, but they are almost always at         capacity. His greatest joy is to see these disabled children living happily at Faraja       and the wonderful cooperation and support of friends in the U.S.

Ms. Senorina Laurent
Occupational Therapist

Ms.Laurent completed her Form 6 education in 2007.  She attended Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College where she received her Diploma in Occupational Therapy in 2010.  She came to Faraja Primary School immediately following her graduation.

 Ms. Laurent finds her work encompasses not only occupational therapy but a good deal of personal counseling with young students who are struggling to overcome their disabilities.

She says her greatest joy comes when a student reaches the goals she has set.

Ms. Happyness Kimaro

   Ms. Kimaro received her Bachelor of Accounting in 2010 from Tumaini University    in Moshi.  After working briefly at the headquarters of the Northern Diocese-                Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, she was appointed to be the accountant      for Faraja Primary School in 2011.

   She says she enjoys the challenge of working with many different people and                  projects at the school, but admits it is sometimes difficult to tell people they have      run out of money for their project or department and  “Sometimes they don’t                understand.  But, mostly, I like working with the children here and providing the          special assistance that they need.”

Mr. Goodluck Nnko
Social Worker

Mr. Nnko holds an Advanced Diploma from the Institute of Social Work in Dar es Salaam awarded in 2005.  He came to Faraja Primary School that same year.

His job is to investigate students’ home and family situations, deal with individual student problems and help students plan for their futures after they graduate.  He also visits graduates at their secondary schools or vocational training schools.

Mr. Nnko says that often his greatest challenge is reaching the homes of students, many of which are inaccessible by public transport and there is only one car at the school which is often in use.

His greatest joy is seeing students accomplish their goals.

                                       Ms. Elizabeth Mmari

Ms. Mmari earned a Certificate from the Msimbamze Centre in Dar es Salaam in 1991.  Since that time she has had extensive secretarial experience in a variety of venues.  She came to Faraja in 1998 and has worked for the school since it opened.

She also teaches computers and says she really enjoys working with the students.

The biggest challenge for Ms. Mmari is the unreliability of electrical service since all of her work involves computers.  This is, of course, a problem for everyone at Faraja Primary School and throughout the country.

She feels she is making a special contribution at Faraja because her work supports the education of students with special needs.


Ms. Bertha Gilliarb

Ms. Gilliarb is a 2004 graduate of Usharika wa Neema Montessori Kindergarten Teacher Training program, Teacher’s College with Certificate and Intel Training Centre English training.  She came to Faraja Primary School in 2009.

In addition to Montessori kindergarten, she teaches Arts and Crafts, Behavior and Games and Information Technology (computer and internet).

She says that one of the big challenges is that many children come to Faraja with no kiSwahili language skills which means they must be taught two languages!  But, she adds that she loves teaching them because they are so quick to learn and so open with their feelings.


Ms. Aishi Lema

   Ms. Lema earned her Teacher’s Certificate in 1980 and, after one year of National        Service (Army), taught in various primary schools until coming to Faraja in 2005.

   She teaches many subjects: kiSwahili, English, science, math, arts and crafts and            information technology. Ms. Lema says she is especially happy to be a Faraja                  because she has always wanted to teach children with disabilities.

   One of the big challenges she says she faces is that many children come to school          speaking only their tribal language, so kiSwahili and English must be taught.

   She loves Faraja because “You get to meet people from all around the world!"



Ms. Lwice Mushi

Ms. Mushi was awarded her Teacher’s College certificate in 1990 and taught primary school for 21 years before coming to Faraja in 2010.

She teaches kiSwahili and English and says she is especially happy to be teaching children with physical disabilities because they are so eager to learn and so smart

Two big challenges for Ms. Mushi are that her husband and family are some distance away and it is very expensive to travel home on the weekends to be with them. And, she would like very much to update her teaching skills, especially in information technology, but time and funds are very limited.


                                           Deacon Michael Mseselo                                               


Deacon Mseselo trained as a deacon at Faraja and then went on to Teacher’s College where he earned his Teaching Certificate in 2004.  He was employed by the government as a primary school teacher until returning to Faraja Primary School in 2007.  

He says he was very happy to return to Faraja because teaching disabled children was the reason he wanted to be a teacher in the first place. He teaches several subjects but math and science are his favorites.

He sees the greatest challenge for disabled children as their home environment which most often is very difficult for the child.  But, he says, he loves teaching these children because they “catch it;” that is, they are very bright and eager learners.

                                            Mr. John Mmari                                                                                                       Teacher

After retiring from government service as a teacher since 1979, Mr. Mmari wanted to continue teaching and joined the Faraja Primary School staff in 2004.

He teaches a variety of subjects including kiSwahili, English, science, history and geography.

He says he sees teaching children with physical disabilities as no different than teaching able-bodied students because their minds are just as sharp and their learning abilities no different.  If anything, they are more eager to learn because they know that education is the one thing they need most to overcome their disabilities.

                                        Mr. Kinjama Johnson Mshana                                          Teacher

Mr. Mshana received his Certificate of Education in 2004 from Ilonga Teachers College and his Certificate of Special Needs Education in 2008 from Patandi Teachers College of Special Needs Education.

He feels that Faraja has an environment well-suited for physically disabled children and also enjoys the Faraja surroundings personally as do other members of the faculty and staff.

Mr. Mshana says his biggest challenge is to upgrade his education so he can do the best possible job of teaching.  He also wishes that more physically disabled children could be admitted to Faraja Primary School because the need is so great.




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