Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation

Our Mission and Objectives

  • To kindle a spirit of self-worth in children and youth with physical disabilities and to show them that society in general, and the church in particular, cares and considers them as useful members of their community.
  • To offer a quality primary school education to children of 6-13 years old; and, if possible, to extend support to secondary education.
  • To provide computer and English skills for all graduating students.
  • To offer physiotherapy / occupational therapy to help the children / youth learn to cope with their disabilities.
  • To seek medical and orthopedic assistance as financially feasible.
  • To prepare children and youth with physical disabilities who have had no opportunity to get a primary school education by providing them with necessary basic training needed for admission to vocational training and secondary schools where they may live and learn with their peers who have no physical handicaps.
  • To endeavor to assist children after graduation to further their training in secondary school or vocational training school through our Social Work department.
  • To pursue long-term financial sustainability for the Faraja School through development of the school's farm program and financial support from partners in Tanzania.


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