Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation
Founding and History


     In 1999, Don and Joann Tolmie first visited Tanzania and recognized that so little was being done for children with physical disabities.

     Working with the Lutheran Church in Tanzania, they were able to build and fund the Faraja School for Children with Physical Disabilities.  From the dedication of the school in 2001 with 15 students to the present fully accredited, residential primary school of 88 students, Faraja School has become a refuge of hope for children who had no hope.

        Today, the principal funding for the school and guidance for its continuing development come through the Faraja Fund Foundation,chaired by the Tomies' son Dave, and a network of partners and donors. This insures both the growth and the continuing quality of the care and education children receive at Faraja School.

         An executive director was appointed in December, 2010.  The administrative, teaching and health care staff  have been expanded to accommodate the increasing student population.  English classes and a computer lab help students prepare for entry into a world closed to them before they came to the Faraja School. In 2011, the Farm Project was initiated to teach students basic farming techniques and animal husbandry in this country where 80% of people rely on agriculture for their survival. Several additional projects to enhance the education of students are being developed.

      Sponsorship donors are assigned a child and every effort is made to maintain communication and updates between the donor and his or her child 

     Students graduate every other year from Faraja School. In 2008, the first 15 students graduated ranking in the upper 3% of 150 primary schools in their district.  In 2010, 16 students graduated and ranked in the upper 2%. Most of these graduates have gone on to secondary school or vocational training schools.  What will 2012 hold for these determined young people?  We will let you know soon!  Our “history” is just beginning. 

      We warmly invite you to become a part of the Faraja School family. To learn more, please visit our website and/or contact us.





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