Faraja Primary School
for Children with Physical Disabilities TanzaniaSupported by
The Faraja Fund Foundation

     The Faraja Primary School, located in Tanzania, East Africa, is a residential school providing physically handicapped children with an accredited primary education.   
     Faraja‚Äôs Social Work Program supports each graduate through additional education or vocational training to return to their community and lead a
productive life of self sufficiency.  Today, Faraja is home to over 85 students in Kindergarten through Grade 7.
     Our students come from impoverished families, many of whom live in remote rural villages where medical care for their disabled children is both unaffordable and unavailable.  Consequently, disabled children are often left to languish with no hope of either medical care or of obtaining an education.  There are almost no primary schools in Tanzania equipped to handle children with serious physical disabilities.
     Therefore, Faraja School is above all a place of hope.  It is here that disabled children will find others like themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives.  It is here that they can receive the medical attention they need including surgery when possible to correct malformed limbs, occupational and physical therapy to strengthen weak bodies, prostheses that help to make them whole and, so importantly, a quality education in levels K through 7.  Beyond Grade 7, they may also look forward to assistance with secondary school education or vocational training as funding becomes available.
      Though populated with children who suffer many forms of serious physical disability, Faraja School is a place of hope and joy.  We warmly invite you to come for a visit.


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